Portage Rocket Football Head Coach Information

Outlined below are some of the most important dates to Portage Rocket Football.  Please take a moment to look through these dates and consider whether you are willing to invest the time required to fulfill the obligation to be a head coach. The Head Coaches’ involvement in these activities is crucial to the success of Portage Rocket Football.

  • 1st Monday of August- Coaches mandatory meeting with selected PRF coaches.  This is an informal meeting and a great resource for a new or experienced youth football coach to meet other coaches and understand the rules and what may have changed for the new season and ask any questions.
  • 2nd or 3rd week of August – PRF Combined Assessment Practices. Mandatory attendance required. Location, time, and format to be detailed on the PRF Website, Facebook, and Email.
  • Mid-August, Saturday after Combine/Assessment – PRF Draft Day-Head Coaches only. Players and parents will be expecting a call from you after the draft.
  • End of August – Team practices begin. Location and time TBD by the head coach. Players should be prepared to practice as early as the Monday following the draft.
  • Labor Day Weekend or Saturday prior to 1st Games- Field striping duties. The initial lining of the fields for the season. Each team must be represented by the head coach or designee.
  • Saturday Game Days – Field Director Duty as assigned.
  • Fundraising events- Coaches need to actively participate in and promote PRF.

The board of directors of Portage Rocket football understands that our coaches may not be able to meet all of these time commitments and will make reasonable accommodations as needed.  Please make sure the Director of Football Operations is aware of times and events which you cannot attend so that a suitable substitute can be found.

Submitting a volunteer form indicates your desire to be a Head Football Coach for Portage Rocket Football; it does not guarantee that you will be selected.  Coaching decisions will be made as soon as possible using the information obtained on this form as well as other means described in the Coach’s Manual. Heads up Certification is also required for head coaches and all assistants; print out and save a copy of the certificate to be filed with PRF.

Volunteer and Background Form

Heads Up Concussion Certification