Poor conduct is detraction from the fun and innocence of the game of youth football and is a poor example to set for our young boys and girls and will not be tolerated!

The board would like to address our Code of Conduct regarding all PRF coaches, officials, parents, players, and volunteers, to make sure they understand the PRF board’s position on misconduct toward others.  If any coach, parent, official, volunteer, player, or board member, is harassed in any way, before, during, or after a ballgame, or if any coach, official, parent, player, or volunteer conducts himself or herself in any manner detrimental to the league or to the players, officials, coaches, volunteers, or parents, the offending party will be subject to disciplinary action and/or removal from the PRF rented facility.

If a PRF coach or player is ejected from a game for poor conduct, the league will sanction that coach, or player with a minimum one-game suspension and place the coach and/or player on probation for the remainder of the season.

  • Any subsequent poor conduct will result in the immediate suspension and/or dismissal of their coaching or playing duties.
  • All such poor conduct, whether resulting in ejection or suspensions … or witnessed by a board member … will be seriously considered when the board selects coaches and players for future seasons.
  • Examples of poor behavior includes but is not limited to: verbal/physical abuse of anyone, use of offensive language, abuse of playing equipment and/or facilities, inciting or encouraging abusive and/or dangerous actions by the players or coaches on the field.
  • Games will be stopped to deal with any violation of the Code of Conduct policy.

Regarding the social media world, please carefully read the following. Any use of social media to make negative comments about the program, team, officials, coach and/or player using any means of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc) is not tolerated. If violated, you and your player may be removed from the team and organization. Parents must remember that coaches are volunteers and are not paid. Posts, blogs, or communications defacing the program must not be tolerated in order to protect the integrity of PRF officers, officials, volunteers, and players.

PRF reserves the right to suspend and/or remove any individual(s) from the team, program, rented facilities, and/or events in order to ensure the safety of its members and uphold its mission.

Coaches need to communicate to their parents, coaches, players, and other volunteers, PRF’s strong stance on exhibiting appropriate conduct toward others when at any location where a PRF team plays or practices.  Please be good ambassadors for Portage Rocket Football!!!